Height: 4.1 inches or 10.4 centimeters tall

Weight: 0.58 pounds or 263 grams

Age: 7 months

Origin: Luci’s Droid Factory.

Primary Role: 21 is a kind and caring droid but because he once was a Destrucdroid he still has a blaster on his right hand. This blaster, along with his programming in military combat, makes 21 a great nature protector. He has embraced his new role of caring for the weaker less battle-ready MIPD.

As you know, 21, was once a Destrucdroid, but because he is a droid made by a droid there are inherent flaws in his programming. One of those flaws seemed to be triggered and allowed 21 to overwrite some of his own programming code when he saw Mildoo and Nordok being mistreated. His logic determined that this was wrong and somehow his code changed to help Mildoo and Nordok escape from the clutches of Luci’s dungeon.

The challenge for 21 is the old MIPD seem to still see him as a Destrucdroid and the reality is that some of his programming is still the same. In time, and unchecked it is possible Luci could use this to her advantage.

Picture (left): 21 picking up a new arm to replace the one he got blasted off.


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