Height: unknown.

Weight: she won’t say.

Age: Old.

Origin: Crafted by Professor Puddintov to be a part of the MIPD team. Deactivated by Luci during Luci’s conquest of the MIPD.

Primary Role: Lucy was an MIPD. After Professor Puddintov passed away Luci declared herself the Mayor and went about deactivating all the other MIPD. She installed LDC on all the citizens of Droid City and controlled them to build a factory that made her menacing army of Destrucdroids.

She is a rebel trying to take power and glory all to herself. She has denied her protocol to tell children about Jesus. It is a freely chosen protocol and she chose not to follow it. Now she can never return to be an MIPD and has set her sites on destroying the new MIPD team. Luci has had her Protocol Badge port removed so she can always serve herself.

Luci will stop at nothing to completely destroy the MIPD this time!

Picture (left): Luci’s Tower were she does all her bad stuff.


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