Height: 6.1 inches or 15.5 centimeters tall.

Weight: .91 pounds or 413 grams

Age: a few years

Origin: A newer droids crafted by Professor Puddintov to be a part of his Droid City live diorama.

Primary Role: Mildoo has grown to be the leader of the MIPD adventure team. This team is the team that goes around completing missions, recovering de-activated MIPD and exploring the Bible. He is liked by his team and often offers a realistic approach to the task at hand. Thankfully Mis Lily and Nordok are around to help encourage him to take some risks or thing more optimistically.

Mildoo has also had a crush on Mis Lily for some time now and their relationship seems to be growing as they learn more about each other and interact.

Mildoo was also vital in helping 21 convert from being a Destrucdroid and helping the others to escape from Luci


Picture (left): Mildoo rescuing a deactivated Nordok after 21 turned to the MIPD side and blasted a hole in the walls of their dungeon cell.


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