MIPD Kids Creed

A declaration of commitment to Jesus Christ

My life is for Jesus Christ.

I want

to live by his standards written for us to know in the Bible,

to love God and to love others,

to do what is right and

to protect those who are being hurt or left out or weak or afraid.

I will never give up,

and even when I find myself hurt or left out or weak or afraid I will look to Jesus who gives me strength.

I believe in Jesus, here I stand, LORD help me.


This is a creed created to help children hold on to their faith. By posting this up or reading this regularly it will help them lay these foundations, which come from the Bible, on their heart. This is not designed to replace scripture but to be an easy way to hold on to those Biblical truths.

Here are some of the skills that we work towards as MIPD kids:

Asks for ForgivenesBelieves in GodCompassionateFaithful to God
Forgives OthersGentleGlorifies GodGracious
Hopes for the LostImitates JesusJoyfulKindhearted
Lives RighteouslyLoved by GodLoves OtherMerciful
Never Gives UpObedient to ParentsPatientPeacemaker
Prays DailyPrays Kindly for BulliesProtector of the WeakPure of Heart
Runs Away from TemptationsSaved by GraceSelf-ControlledSet Free
Shares SalvationTells Others about JesusTruthful
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