Height: 5.5 inches or 14 centimeters tall.

Weight: 0.77 pounds or 349 grams

Age: a few years

Origin: A newer droids crafted by Professor Puddintov to be a part of his Droid City live diorama.

Primary Role: Mis Lily is a kind and caring lady droid. She often finds herself the voice of compassion and is always looking out for Mildoo and Nordok. She has a deep sense of what love is even though she is a droid. She continues to learn more so she can share that with all the children.

Over the past years she worked as a clerk for the same Change Station that y Mildoo and Nordok worked at. She has recently learned the Mildoo has a crush on her and this puts butterflies in her stomach everytime she thinks about it as she too has a crush on Mildoo.


Picture (left): Mis Lily standing at her desk ready to sell oil changes to anyone in need.


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