Height: 4.9 inches or 12.45 centimeters tall.

Weight: 1.31 pounds or 594 grams

Age: Old

Origin: One of the original droids crafted by Professor Puddintov to be a part of his Droid City live diorama.

Primary Role: Nordok’s primary role is to be Nordok. He is old enough to be every droids grandpa. He takes on the role of supporting the younger in the adventure team.

Nordok was originally made to be one of the first droids to live in Droid City. In fact, he is older than all the MIPD. The MIPD were Professor Puddintov’s second project after he made the Droid City. Professor kept on making droids for Droid City after he made the MIPD as a hobby which is why there are younger droids like Mis Lily and Mildoo. Nordok doesn’t remember any of this because when Luci took over Droid City she installed LDC to control all the droids and wipe their memories.

Nordok used to be forced to Rhyme by his LDC but now being freed from Luci enjoys the comic relief of rhyming. He is also Mildoo’s best friend.

Picture (left): Nordok always being friendly and greeting all the other droids.


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