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Greetings in Christ, you are here because you want to know more about how MIPD activity books can help you in your ministry, raise funds for a charity or because someone who completed an activity book has asked you to look into it. We are glad you are here and hope that we can work to make supporting relevant ministries a reality while engaging children to be an active part of this.

Why? Well, primarily to engage children. Yes, you could just use the money to support the ministry and if they have an urgent need then please do that instead. This is not exclusively a way to support ministries outside of the church but to simultaneously engage children within the church to be an active part in supporting ministries outside of the church. Over the years we have found that many ministries prefer not to have children as volunteers. In many cases, this is justified by the nature of their ministry and the risk it poses. But this takes away from my hope as a parent and a church leader to involve and teach children about the hard work of supporting people in need. We call these Child Ministry Engagement Campaigns (CMEC).

How? Your church or organization purchases the activity or rather adventure books to share with your children. Once complete they submit them to you. You take a tally of all the complete books and submit it to us using the contact page on our store site. Please use the subject title Pastors for any preliminary contact or completed book tally submission. (After which we will contact you via email directly)

You may also be interested in our CMEC called Empowered in Christ – Canadian Christian Creatives Contest where children, grades 1 to 12, can participate in a Christian short story or illustrating contest. Entry deadline for 2018 is June 15.

We will send a dollar portion of each completed book to a Ministry of your choice, on your behalf. These ministries must agree with the Apostles’ Creed as we are looking to support Christian ministries. These amounts are displayed below.

First 3 columns display Bulk Pricing Discount the last 3 columns display the fundraisable amount based on the number of books completed. Please contact if you wish to get a discount. For example, if you order 100 books you would have a 25% discount on the books and if your students completed all 100 books you would be assessed a $650 donation to the charity of your choice.

Purchase QntyPurchase PriceDiscount %---# of Completed BooksDonation Per BookMinimum Donation

We recommend that you contact us prior to setting up Child Ministry Engagement Campaign (CMEC) to make the campaign go as smoothly as possible.


  • You would like to discuss rates for ministries, the more books you purchase the more flexible on book pricing/ministry donation rates we can be.
  • You like the program but would like a different age group of engagement (we are a fairly new company and have not produced nearly the amount of activity books we plan, we will respond to requests)
  • You have an idea for a different way to engage children that we could work together with.

NOTE* We may need proof of purchase prior to releasing funds to the ministries & we reserve the right to re-direct ministry support funds or suggest alternative ministries that follow the Apostles’ Creed more clearly at our discretion. This is why it is strongly suggested you contact us prior to doing any major campaign.





Featured Image: Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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