Pirahnas are a widely known fish. God created them to be a unique fish with one of the strongest bites found in fish that have bones. With their razor sharp teeth, the can bite through most meats. Piranhas have become a fairly common pet fish kept in aquariums. Piranhas are often feared for being very aggressive and attack people. This is very rare and usually only happens in unique circumstances when their food supply is low.

Where do they live? Piranhas come from freshwater rivers in South America, dominantly in waters around the Amazon Rainforest.

What do they eat? they prefer eating other fish or meat they are also known to eat plant material. This is why they are called omnivorous, animals the eat meat and plant matter.

Size: 14 to 26 centimeters long


Hans / Pixabay


Featured Image: Hans / Pixabay

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