A.K.A. Anne Tenna

Height: 4.8 inches or 12.2 centimeters tall without satellite dish on. 5.9 inches or 15 centimeters with satellite dish fully extended.

Weight: 0.53 pounds or 240 grams

Age: Old.

Origin: Crafted by Professor Puddintov to be a part of the MIPD team. Deactivated by Luci during Luci’s conquest of the MIPD.

Primary Role: Tenna is the main broadcaster. Her programming is to make sure that the regular broadcast to the children is made and is particular about it happening or else she gets pretty upset. Tenna is often seen as the Granny to all the new recruit MIPD team members. These new recruit team members, Mildoo, Mis Lily, Nordok and the special member 21, known as the adventure team, were crafted by Professor Puddintov to be a part of Droid City. Droid City was created as an experimental hobby very similar to the way people put together cities for their toy trains to travel through.

Tenna was found by Mildoo and re-activated and has since become a very important part in restoring the MIPD and helping the team fulfill their purpose.

Picture (left): Tenna left to rust away by Luci as she is deactivated. This is how Mildoo found her.


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